Facebook Readying To Deliver Your News Digitally Via Facebook Paper

Facebook is many things these days. Most of all its a great place for many to catch up on news about your friends and family, but it's also become a great place for businesses and people looking to seek exposure for their services, to get the word out about new stuff to customers. You can follow these pages to get the newest information about them in your news feed, which is the way that I personally get news from Facebook. Now though, Facebook is looking to bring you the news you want to read about in a different way. They aim to "deliver" a digital newspaper to you in the form of their newest service, which re/code reports is named "Paper". That seems like the most appropriate name to have for something that delivers news to its users, and that's the way we use to read our news, so why not call it Paper?

There are many different ways for you to read your news and news feeds digitally now, and many of them have apps available for smartphones and tablets, which is something we carry around with us virtually everywhere, so it's about time Facebook released something to give users an option. The word is that Paper will be set up and compete with similar news apps like Flipboard, which is a popular Android and iOS news app available. The Flipboard UI is rather nice to look at, so it'll be interesting to see what facebook does with it's UI for Paper and see how it stacks up against other news apps. A source that recode says is close to the matter at hand states that the launch time frame for this app, (which could be a standalone app or a web page accessed from a mobile browser) could be sometime by the end of this month, although the release date is subject to change should Facebook deem necessary.

The idea behind Paper is not a new one for facebook, as it was originally talked about years ago as a way to redesign and refresh the news feed. The project took longer than expected and was eventually split into multiple pieces, and has since grown into what Paper is to be when it's launched. Should we ever see Paper available and ready for users, the next step for Facebook will be to get users interested. Some people only check Facebook for news, while other use it to stay connected to friends and family. The trick, will be to get users to switch from other more well known news apps like Flipboard, Feedly, Play Newsstand etc. Although, with as popular as Facebook still is, many users who love Facebook might jump at the chance to read their news from an app developed by them. What do you think about Facebook's news app? If we see it emerge would you use it? Let us know in the comments.

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