Facebook Announces their News App, Called Paper


This morning, Facebook took the wraps off of a brand new app of theirs. This one is named Paper and is likely to compete with the likes of Flipboard and Google Play Newsstand. This app and many others have been rumored for quite some time. The new Facebook Paper app is using the tagline of “Stories from Facebook”. Currently the app is only available for iOS. It’ll be available on Monday, February 3rd. Facebook has said nothing about having an Android app, although we’ve got to believe that it’s coming soon. Especially since Android has nearly a 80% market share. It’s still rather annoying that big companies like Facebook develops for iOS first then Android, given how much larger Android is than iOS.

Nevertheless, the Paper app is described as an app that lets users “explore and share stories from friends and the world around you.” Paper will have different stories and sections, just like every other News app you’d use. They also have a section for news from your News Feed, which will have duplicate content as some other feeds obviously. Facebook is also going to give Paper some customization. Giving the app options to choose and add different sections. The topics in Paper are also said to vary from Photography, to Technology, to Sports, Food, Nature, and everything in between. Facebook also mentions that each of these sections will include a mix of content from both “emerging voices and well-known publications”.

It sounds like a pretty good app, but as Android users, we don’t really have any interest in it. Since it’s not available on Android and it appears that Facebook has no plans to bring it to Android. Which is just a shame, but maybe that’s another reason I prefer using Google+ over Facebook. How about the rest of you.

Source: Android Community, Facebook