Explore The Open Terrain Of Space In Galactic Phantasy Preludes

January 3, 2014 - Written By Justin Diaz

If you like open world space games and you have a soft spot in your heart for RPG titles, then you just might want to check out Galactic Phantasy Preludes. This huge and expansive open world space themed RPG gives you plenty to do and explore, and offers up some intense 3D visuals and action packed gameplay. If you have ever played Galaxy On Fire 2, it looks a lot like that and should be able to hold your attention.

In Galactic Phantasy Preludes you’ll have 46 different ship to choose from, in which you’ll begin building up your fleet of spaceships and exploring the galaxy. All the ships are spread out across a slew of classes for you to choose from as well, adding some originality and variety to your gameplay. You’ll find included classes like “Frigate”, and “Battlecruiser” just to name a couple, but there are tons more so if either one of those don’t strike your fancy you’re not limited. Not only does Galactic Phantasy give you tons of ship options and open world exploration in space, but you have near unlimited(or so it seems) customization options for building your spaceships, as there are some 2,000 plus pieces to use when putting your ship together. Customize your ship the way you like and fit each ship specifically to the way that you want to play.

Cruise through the largely open universe and travel through 40 different star ports in two different nations, and trying your hand at every mission you come across is up to you, but ultimately doing them all is the best way to gain levels and resources. Each mission will also have a challenging set of 10 star rating systems, which is actually quite a bit more difficult than you think. The really cool thing about Galactic Phantasy Preludes is that you can choose to be either bad or good, and sort of shape the way that the game plays out. You can steal from people and help smuggle in goods, or you can stop plans like this from happening. However you choose to play, it sounds like a pretty cool experience. Galactic Phantasy Preludes is free in the Play Store as of now, so if you want a good looking open world Space RPG, check this one out and see if it fits your taste.http://youtu.be/iYoOAmupMToGoogle-Play-Banner-Get-it-On-Large