Eligible Sprint Customers Can Now Upgrade their Phone Anytime, Thanks to Sprint Easy Pay


If you are the kind of person who drools over each and every one of the latest smartphones, if each smartphone appeals to you as the perfect-for-you device, then it must be really hard to get stuck with your device, on contract, and not be able to upgrade as often as your heart desires. However, upgrading their devices for eligible Sprint customers is now easier than ever, thanks to Sprint's new Easy Pay program.

The Sprint Easy Program is a limited time offer and the catch-phrase here is that participation is available only for existing eligible Sprint customers. If you're an existing Sprint customer, head on to this link to check your eligibility. Once your eligibility is confirmed, all you need to do is purchase that device of your dreams through the Sprint Easy Pay program, paying for it in 24 monthly payments.


However, at the time of purchase you will have to make a down payment as well as applicable sales taxes (which will be informed to you once you decide to go ahead with the purchase). If you had purchased a handset through the Easy Pay program earlier, you can upgrade your phone anytime, with the only catch being that you will have to pay off the balance on the old device to get your hands on the new one.


Sprint's much acclaimed Buyback program is also applicable to the devices you wish to leave behind when you upgrade to the new handset under the Easy Pay program. You would also have the option of keeping back your old phone, if you so wish.


The best aspect is that Sprint is not forcing any of their users to buy into any existing plans – including the God-knows-why-it-was-named-like-this "Framily" plans, which Sprint is aggressively marketing.  For those who have no idea what the Framily plans are about, the plan allows the addition of up to 10 people or "lines" to an existing group. For one line of service, new Sprint customers pay $55 for unlimited calls, texts and 1 GB of data. With the addition of new members to the group, the cost goes down by $5 a month to a maximum of $30 per line.

We'd like to hear your take on this Easy Pay program from Sprint, do let us know in the comments below.

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