doubleTwist AirPlay Recorder Brings Your Music from iTunes Radio to Your Android Device



Most Android users will have heard of doubleTwist but, if you're unfamiliar with the music player, it's essentially the best way to get an iPhone-like experience listening to music on Android. Which in turn, brings with it a way to connect to your iTunes library and more recently, take advantage of Apple's AirPlay. Now though, the team behind doubleTwist have released a new app to the Play Store, once again leveraging AirPlay capabilities. However, this is more about getting content to your device, rather than the other way around. doubleTwist AirPlay Recorder lets you get your iTunes music to your Android smartphone or tablet by "recording" it from iTunes Radio. Yes, this is going where you think it is.




The way in which doubleTwist AirPlay Recorder works is by taking the streaming data from your PC or Laptop and then saving it to your Android device. All you need to do is have iTunes installed and have your Android device on the same network. Simply select "dT Recorder" from the AirPlay list in iTunes and your music will be saved to your device. doubleTwist is saying that this is a real-time process and that a 5 minute song will take 5 minutes to save on your device. They also suggest a decent WiFi router is recommended, so be sure to check your network before trying this.


doubleTwist has a long name of offering Android users a bridge to their iTunes library, which for some people can be pretty large and therefore very important to them. However, we wouldn't be surprised if this latest feature gets the attention of the crack Lawyer team at Apple. While the music you have paid for on iTunes is rightfully yours, copyright laws are troublesome things and taking the content from where it was meant to be, to somewhere else entirely – your Android device – is probably not what record labels had in mind. Hopefully, this isn't the case though, as the app allows Android users a painless way to get a hold of their music onto their Android device, something Apple has forbidden since Android first took off. You can download doubleTwist AirPlay Recorder from the Google Play Store.

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