Developing Apps For Android:Faster To Build Means Faster To Launch

If you develop apps, there's probably one question which you think about before anything else. Which platform to develop apps for. While it's certain that iOS currently makes more money off of app sales, and they currently have a larger library of apps, they also take significantly more time. That's right, developing apps for android is faster. So that means you can get your app out in less time and into the hands of users. A new study done by Evans Data shows that apps on Android are developed faster than any other platform available, which might be cause enough for some developers to make their decision easily.

At first you might think that not everyone is able to ship out apps that quickly, but the Evans Data study displays that 41% of developers who are choosing Android as their platform of choice can get the app built and shipped in no more than a month, with the possibility of shipping even faster than that. When compared to iOS and WindowsPhone with the same target time of a month or less, 36% of iOS devs and only 34% of WindowsPhone devs said they could build their apps and ship them in that time. With Android being quicker to build for, it stands to reason that you might have a higher chance of the app being successful or at the very least make it more known since its reaching users faster.

Speediest app development isn't the only thing that Android has going for it, it seems. Apparently Android app developers got to spend more time with the fun aspects of app development, which fall in the design, and performance categories. More Android app developers spent more time with UI design and app performance than with debugging and testing the app, although there is still some significant time spent with these areas. Not only that, but Android app development is the most popular platform of choice as well, for both smartphones and tablets. The study show that 84% of developers who were making apps for tablets chose Android, over ipad's 62%, and Windows 52%. It sounds like there are plenty of reasons to choose Android as your platform if you're thinking about developing an app. Do you develop? Or know someone who does? If you chose Android were any of these reasons a factor?

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