Dead Trigger 2 Gets Another New Content Update;Gives You More Firepower To Blow Away The Undead

If you're into games on your Android smartphone or tablet, there's a good chance that you're aware of the wildly popular game Dead Trigger 2. In case you're not, it's the sequel to the last smash hit zombie FPS Dead Trigger from Madfinger Games, where you have to help fight back against the zombie horde, one, two, three, or sometimes even many zombies at a time. Dead Trigger 2 has already had a couple content updates as is, and it just recently received another one within the last 24 hours that adds in some great new features and like usual there were probably some bug fixes.

First off and more importantly, this new update ushers in three new weapons to help you dispose of those rotting heaps of flesh in even more fun ways. Once you go to the Play Store and update the game, you'll soon get access to the FN2000, the Spagin, and of course everyone's old favorite, the Minigun. Wreak havoc back on the undead and slaughter them to pieces with the mini gun just like in the original Dead Trigger. Not only do you get new weapons in this update, but Madfinger Games has added in an auto heal gadget for you to take with you on your missions, so that you don't have to worry about healing yourself with pesky painkillers. Now you can keep your finger on the trigger and go to town without fear of running low on HP. Well, mostly without fear. You still have to watch out for the zombies that run you down.

The zombie killing business is hard work. Thankfully given the current situation everyone can use your skills. China has finally beaten back the horde of reanimated corpses, and it's time for you travel on to Europe and lend them a hand. Building off of the new area, you'll discover 9 totally new environments to fight in. Tired of spending all your cash too quickly? Earn yourself the permanent money booster item and get double the cash for as long as you live. Woops.. perhaps that was the wrong choice of words. Lastly, if you're someone who participates in the warfare challenge missions as often as you can, Madfinger has swapped out the way the reward system "rewards" you. Instead of having tiers of zombie kill counts, rewards will now be given based off of score. So that means you'll have to do more than just kill as many zombies as you can, making the rewards feel a little bit more earned in our eyes. If you haven't gotten the update yet, it's either just not live or perhaps it just hasn't shown up for you yet. If you haven't played Dead Trigger 2, now is a good time to start. On a side note, with all these new weapons the butterfly swords are still my favorite weapon to use. What's your favorite weapon?

Source: Droid Gamers

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