Cyanogen Inc. Gets New Member in the Form of AOKP Founder

Android has plenty of ROMs available for public use. Like anything else in the tech world there is a ranking, basically, most used and favorite ROM amongst the tech geeks. Those amongst the top two, are CyanogenMod taking the number one spot, and AOKP taking the number two spot. However, things just got a lot more fun for those who are paying attention to the ROM world, because AOKP founder Roman Birg, has announced he will be joining CyanogenMod.

Birg founded AOKP back in November of 2011, and has been a very welcomed addition to ROM users around the world. The best part about this announcement, is that Birg has made absolutely clear that he will not be leaving AOKP. Instead, he will be contributing to both ROMs, spreading the love.

This means we may see some of Birg's ideas on the upcoming Cyanogen Inc. device and ROM. We should all be excited to see what this new move will bring us, especially since we have been paying attention to AOKP since the Galaxy Nexus. This also comes very soon after the release of Nightlies from AOKP for the LG G2.

Now, all we need is a full collaboration between the two ROM developers, and  just to toss this in the hat, a CyanogenMod bot riding a unicorn as the logo. Whether they decide to use that logo or not, we are likely to see some amazing developments come from the two. We aren't the only ones excited about the move, Birg has taken to Google+ to talk share in the excitement. Though, he wants to make absolutely clear, and so we mention it a second time. Birg is not planning on leaving AOKP behind, he will be contributing to both AOKP and CyanogenMod from this point forward.  We at Android Headlines, want to take this opportunity to say congratulations to Roman and we hope he has fun developing for both AOKP and CyanogenMod. We are sure we will see some awesome things come from this.

What do you think about the announcement, what are you most excited to see come from this?

Via: Android Beat
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