Comigo Launches its Android Powered Duo Smart Stick at CES 2014

January 9, 2014 - Written By Cory McNutt

Comigo, founded by Dov Moran – technology entrepreneur and inventor of the USB flash drive – announced at CES their new Duo Smart Stick.  Comigo is the creator of a flexible multi-screen TV platform and they have spent their existence providing ground-breaking TV products and the Duo Smart Stick continues that tradition.  The Duo Smart Stick is an Android-based HDMI stick designed to turn your TV into a “Smart and Social” interactive entertainment device.

While the Comigo Duo Smart Stick is Android-based, it works together with Comigo Client Applications for Smartphones and Tablets, which is supported by Comigo’s Back-End Solution.  Together they form the ultimate platform and at a reasonable cost. The Duo Smart Stick enables the user to stream videos and audio programs – IPTV channels, OTT Videos, VOD, and other stored content on either your home network or on an external flash drive.  This content can be controlled by a remote control or via a Comigo Client App on either an iOS or Android- based Smartphone or Tablet.

Comigo launches its Duo Smart Stick

Comigo’s Duo Smart Stick allows each user to personalize their experience – every member creates their own personal login, and all of their personal settings or preferences are saved, as well as allowing the system to offer you relevant features and content tailored specifically for you.  For instance, a child can have limited access to specific VOD, live channels, games, apps, websites, educational books, limited time for television viewing and restrictions on what members on the network the child communicates with – all authorized by the adult.  The older user will have the ability to access content that is relevant to them, access specific shopping sites, and to ask for help.

As with most new HDMI Sticks, the providers (advertisers) can also market on TV an entirely different way by targeting specific groups, strengthen their brand loyalty, and increase viewer engagement – all while allowing them to increase your revenues.

Please let us know on our Google+ Page if you own a “Smart Stick” of some sort and if you like it, use it, or just bought one to be cool, and then found out it was not as great as you’d hoped, so while it is still plugged into your TV, you rarely, if ever, actually use it.