China Officially Backs China Operating System; A New Mobile OS for All

In the span of time that humans have been around, we have achieved a great many things.  Cavemen learned how to draw on walls to communicate with each other, and then of course who could forget about the whole fire thing?  Later on that turned into written language, which led to the building of giant empires.  Great empires like China needed protecting, which led to the building of the Great Wall of China, which is arguably one of the most amazing pieces of work humanity has ever created.  Venturing into space wasn't good enough for humans, we needed to achieve more in our time together as a species.  Now that day has finally come, and the dawning of a new era is upon us.  Yes, this is something that will ultimately claim the title of being the pinnacle of society.  That one thing is COS, or China Operating System, and it will lead mankind into the future, providing a means of linking all communication and technology together once and for all.

While this scenario is clearly ridiculous, it's actually a serious move on behalf of the Chinese government, who is apparently tired of seeing foreign operating systems dominate its landscape, and has decided once and for all to financially back COS as the official OS of China.  In the nearly 3 minute video posted below you'll see a glimpse at China's vision of the perfect OS, which feels sort of like a mashup between TouchWiz and stock Android with a little bit of MIUI thrown in for good measure.  The video shows every piece of technology in an office or home setting running COS, including mobile devices and TVs, and how they can all share media with each other with a simple click of a button.  Screen mirroring is also shown off as a father and son use controllers to race against each other in a racing game.

COS is based on Linux much like Android is, but is reportedly build from the ground up rather than using existing sources to build on.  The demo of the OS was shown running on an HTC One and an HTC Butterfly S, both which appeared to still be using the Sense 5 skin we know from those phones.  COS was developed for a number of reasons, but the really interesting part here is that HTC has been providing the demo hardware.  Will this be HTC's big break to finally land an OS that helps its hardware sell better?  Apple is readying the launch of the iPhone 5S and 5C on China's largest carrier, and of course we know that Android is already the leading OS there as it is in the rest of the world, so COS has quite an uphill battle going for it.  App support will likely be low in the beginning, but if the trailer they've released is any indication it looks as if there are some big players behind the OS, including Electronic Arts with the Need for Speed franchise, and Rovio with Angry Birds.  With China's official backing behind the OS, who knows what will come of it, but that's likely going to help build the user base pretty quickly in a country where budget devices are king.

Source: BGR

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