Check Out ‘The Meta’, Meta’s New Smartwatch Coming This Spring

January 8, 2014 - Written By Justin Diaz

Some of you may be more than familiar with the company Metawatch, which is a wearables company that was formed from Fossil, who makes regular timepieces to wear for the every day. Metawatch has sought to rebrand itself in an attempt make the company and its offerings more well known, and it’s doing so by enlisting the help of famous Nokia and Vertu designer Frank Nuovo. What Nuovo and Metawatch have come up with is a completely new name for the brand, and a new watch to go along with it for a fresh new look. Enter the ‘Meta’, the new smartwatch that Meta hopes will be able to compete with the likes of more popular wearable devices.

The Meta upon its release will be offered in a variety of styles and colors, with assortments of bands, and materials and the like, so as to suit just about everyone’s tastes. If you think about Fossil (which is where Meta started) as a normal watch maker, there are a myriad of choices when it comes to designs, colors, sizes, materials etc. So seeing a large assortment of options for the Meta isn’t too hard to believe. Among some of the different choices that consumers will have to buy, there is a stainless steel band, and an aluminum band if you’re into a more luxury style look, but the Meta will also come with a brown leather band as well a plastic one with different colors.

As far as size goes for the Meta, the faces display itself will be manufactured by Sharp and will be a 126 x 126 display. The power behind this little beast will be from Texas Instruments, and will be a TI MSP 430 microcontroller, that comes along with 64kb of RAM. It’s not the kind of RAM you write home about, but it’ll do for the watch. The company is hoping to port the existing Metawatch SDK over to this new product and utilize Bluetooth 4.0 to connect to your smartphone and push notifications to the watch. An always on battery will allow it to do so, which will send vibrations up your arm to notify you when you’ve gotten a message or a call, and power wise it should be able to last around a week or so before you have to give it a charge. There has been no mention as of yet on what the Meta will cost, but as soon as we know we’ll be sure to update you.