CES 2014 Brings us a Connected Electric Toothbrush for $99?


Right now CES Unveiled is going on in Las Vegas, so we’re seeing lots of odds and ends that won’t get the proper press coverage during the rest of the week. We already saw the Jongo 4T from Pure, which is meant to be a competitor to Sonos. And now we’re looking at a connected electric Toothbrush from Kolibree. This is the world’s first connected electric toothbrush. While it sounds weird, Kolibree is saying that it can analyze your brushing habits and display them on a mobile dashboard that you can access from your phone. The idea behind this connected electric toothbrush it to motivate you to brush more, and better.

Kolibree is a Paris-based company, who’s showing off this new connected electric toothbrush at CES in Las Vegas this week. It may sound crazy, but who remembers that Hapifork from CES last year? Yeah they connected fork.

The connected electric toothbrush has a free mobile app, it also connects to your phone via Bluetooth. It will record every brushing and sync the information to your smartphone. You’ll then be able to use the app to see whether you brushed long enough and reach the hard-to-hit but important parts of your teeth and gums. You’ll get a score for your brushing and can share those stats with your dentist or your family. But if you share this data too widely, it will clearly be in the “too much information” category. Kolibree is rewarding your progress when you are improving. The company will make the brushing data available via an applications programming interface, aka an API. So third-party developers can build around and on top of it.

This toothbrush will hit the market in the fourth quarter of the year and go on sale for $99. It’ll be on Kickstarter this summer, so you’ll be able to pre-order it then. There will be plenty of different models as well, ranging from $99-200.