CES 2014: AT&T's Developer Summit Focusing on Apps for Wearables

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AT&T generally has a Developer Summit going on at CES, which starts this week in Las Vegas. This year, AT&T is putting a huge focus on wearable technology at the event. The Developer Summit Hackathon normally runs about 48 hours long at CES. Normally, the hackathon is just for regular apps, however, this year AT&T has made the focus on standard apps over to the wearable ones. There’s also a grand prize of $25,000 on the line. I’d definitely love to leave CES with that kind of cash in my pocket.

In Las Vegas, AT&T will be providing wearables from companies such as Pebble, Wahoo, Samsung and a few other companies that have wearables in production. They’ll also be offering developers Audrino boards and other pieces to make their own if they wish. In the past, AT&T has found tons of great ideas from this hackathon, and we believe that this year will be no different. And opening it up to mostly just wearables, is definitely a good idea on AT&T’s part. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this to see what kind of ideas pop out of the AT&T Developer Summit Hackathon next week at CES.

Right now, wearables are very popular. In fact, we’re expecting to see pretty much only wearables at CES this year. Of course we’ll see a few phones, especially from the smaller guys like Huawei, ZTE, and Sony. But for the most part, CES will be focusing on wearables and accessories this year. Which isn’t a bad thing. At least there should be more interesting products for our audience at the show this year.

This is only the beginning of our CES coverage which starts now and lasts until the end of the week. CES officially kicks off on January 7th and runs through the 10th in Las Vegas. There’s going to be lots of announcements, but don’t expect anything huge from the likes of Samsung, and LG. Google, HTC, Motorola and many others aren’t even going to be there, this year.