Case4Glass Lands on Kickstarter with Unique Design and $22,000 Funding Goal


Even those who don't own a Google Glass of their own need only look at a picture of it to know it isn't the sturdiest device on the block. The fragility of Google Glass has been well-documented ever since it became available to Explorers in early February, and up until now, the only way to avoid sending your Google Glass to an early grave was to use the bulky case that shipped with the tech specs. Designer Tom Pierce is looking to add a layer of defense between Google Glass and the rest of the world with his new case, aptly named Case4Glass. Pierce recently took his unique design to Kickstarter, looking for a grand total of $22,050 in funding.

"Unique" is certainty the operative word here, as Case4Glass only houses around half of the whole device. It's an interesting look to be sure, but it's also a practical one given the fact that Google Glass doesn't fold like nearly every other pair of glasses. Instead, Case4Glass only protects the right side of the device, keeping the hardware safe while leaving the rest of the frame out in the open. According to the Kickstarter pitch, this case looks to solve three problems in particular.


The first problem this case addresses is protecting the fragile prism (along with all the other hardware housed on that side of the device). The case also helps prevent Google Glass from breaking near the temple, which is another problem that's been reported in the past. Finally, Case4Glass attempts to make the device easier to hold, as Glass on its own requires delicate and awkward hand positioning.

The campaign to fund Case4Glass will end on January 25, 2014. At the time of writing, Pierce has only raised $1,099 of his $22,050 goal. There aren't many tiers to pick from, and $33 will get you a Case4Glass of your own when they ship sometime during March 2014. Bump your pledge up to $38 and you can get your name engraved on the case, but this reward tier is limited to only 150 backers. Pierce is going to need to get a lot of Explorers to back this campaign in order to make it a success, but we think plenty of them will want a case like this to protect their expensive piece of tech. Any of you Explorers thinking of sending some money toward Case4Glass?

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