California Woman Avoids Having To Pay Ticket For Driving While Wearing Glass


With the popularity of Google Glass seemingly on the rise, we're going to be hearing more and more stories of how folks integrate it into their lives and where the line should be drawn. A few months back, we told you about Cecilia Abadie, a California woman who was cited for driving while wearing a pair of Google's tech specs. Abadie was originally pulled over for speeding, but when the officer saw she was wearing Google Glass, she was given a citation for "Driving w/ monitor visible to driver," something which is illegal in California.

However, as it turns out Abadie isn't going to have to pay that ticket. According to Reuters, a California Judge recently threw out the citation on the basis that the officer couldn't prove she was operating Google Glass while driving. Apparently just wearing it while driving isn't enough to warrant a fine, but rather the officer writing the ticket has to prove it was functioning while the user was behind the wheel. While Abadie was able to avoid the fine on a technicality, we wouldn't be surprised to see legislators work on developing laws that specifically concern operating wearables like Glass while driving.


In fact, a few states in the US have already started working on such legislation, while the UK has banned driving while using Google Glass entirely. Google Glass has yet to leave its testing phase, but is expected to do so sometime this year. While still in testing, each pair of Glass costs $1500, a price tag that's definitely keeping the user base small for the time being. When it becomes more widely available commercially, the headset is expected to cost less, which might open the floodgates in a manner of speaking.

Once Glass is in the hands of more consumers, it's likely we'll see more instances like this one hitting headlines. This particular case has already gained a lot of attention, so we'll probably begin to see more lawmakers paying attention to the possibility of folks using Google Glass behind the wheel. It'll be interesting to see what kind of laws involving Google Glass are proposed after the next few months, so keep it here at Android Headlines for more.

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