Bob: Android-Based TV Stick Provides a Family-Focused, Interactive Experience

Bob TV Stick

Sigalit Klimovsky, CEO of Meet-Bob Ltd says:

“Technology was supposed to get us closer; it has opened the boundaries and has become a commodity enabling us to communicate easily with anyone, anywhere.  But while we connect more with a bigger group of people, we interact and communicate less with the people we care about… our family.  We believe technology can do more for us and bring the people we love closer together and that’s what Bob is designed to do.”

This is the truth – the more we stay connected to that boundaryless internet, where we can communicate all over the world, the less we focus on our own little world, and the family around us. We all sit around the same house with our smartphones glued to our hands, texting and interacting with everybody but the ones that mean the most to us – our family; and this is where Bob comes in to help. Joining NetGear’s latest Android TV stick is Bob.

Meet-Bob Ltd. is an Israel-based company that developed “Bob,” an Android-based TV Stick aimed at enabling families to “communicate, share content, interact, and play via the TV – no matter where each individual may be located,” was launched at CES.  Unlike the usual TV-sticks that allow you to simply bring content from the internet into your living room, Bob is supposed to allow family members to interact with each other all over the world by using their TV as the focus point – just take “Bob” with you wherever you travel.

Bob TV 1

Bob allows you to watch the same movie, “together,” as a family, but instead of being in the same room, you can be in a different state – or share a YouTube video together, all with just a couple of clicks. Bob lets family members “keep in touch,” by allowing your to check on  your baby, see your parents while they are traveling, or send birthday greetings or a present all with the click of a button.

Bob TV 2

Bob provides a means to “share” a special moment, recommend a favorite song or movie that you particularly enjoyed. Remember the days when a family would “play” together – want to play football with your son on TV, or indulge in a multiplayer car racing game from different rooms – well Bob makes this possible. Below is a video that shows you some of the many ways Bob can help you and your family interact with one another:


Bob is also a method for “content providers, brands, retailers or any companies interested in extending their reach to the family living room.”  The Bob stick can direct content to individual families’ TVs to promote products or “micro-targeted campaigns” directed at a family based on their viewing habits.

Check it out HERE to find out more about the Bob TV Stick.