BlackBerry World to Turn to Android Apps to Keep Store Alive



Along with HTC, BlackBerry is a fading light in the mobile industry, and no matter what BlackBerry fans out there think of us Android fans, it's always a shame to lose such a prominent figure within the industry. Competition is what drives progress and without strong competitors like BlackBerry there's no reason for other major stalwarts like Samsung and Apple to try that hard. There could be hope for BlackBerry yet though, and they're certainly not a company that're going to give up easily. There are a few common problems that BlackBery has had over the years that they need to conquer before anything else though, and one of the big ones is apps. BBM has proven successful in going cross-platform and now it looks like the Canadian company is in need of some cross-platform support themselves.


Since BlackBerry released BB10, Android apps have been technically able to run on the platform thanks to the inclusion of the Dalvik VM. The company's stance on Android apps however was one of cautious optimism. App developers could make a few tweaks and submit their app as a BB10 app but now, that might be changing and Android apps might be coming to BlackBerry World in droves, as CNet is reporting. The BlackBerry 10.2.1 update is going to be bringing expanded support for Android apps in BB10, including support for those written natively for Android, as oppose to those written in Java.

What this all means for BlackBerry 10 devices is that a greater range of Android apps will soon be available for download on the platform. Good e-Reader is reporting that they've spoken to a number of game developers in the past week or so that have been approached by BlackBerry, asking to bring their app to BB10. For develoeprs and BlackBerry, it all makes a lot of sense. It gives developers one more outlet, without having to do all that much to the existing code and for BlackBerry well, they finally get some more apps into the BlackBerry World store.

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