Bitcoin Is Not In Google's Immediate Future Says The Search Giant

Bitcoin has become quite the popular form of online currency in the last couple years, but despite that fact Google says that it has no immediate plans regarding the digital cash flow. The topic of Google getting ready to incorporate Bitcoin into it's payments system was brought to light on the popular forum site Reddit, where a user that goes by the name of 'Jason Bored' started a thread conversation about a series of email correspondences he had with Google and the payment team, that says they were in talks to bring Bitcoin into the mix. According to TheNextWeb though, who reached out to Google themselves after some natural excitement regarding the matter, Google responded back to them with statements that were saying the exact opposite.

Although it would be quite the turn of events to have Bitcoin added as a payment option to Google Wallet, the following is apparently what Google had to say when asked about it's plans for Bitcoin. "As we continue to work on Google Wallet, we're grateful for a very wide range of suggestions." That wasn't all they had to say however, and elaborated on the matter a bit more, stating that "While we're keen to actively engage with Wallet users to help inform and shape the product, there's no change to our position: we have no current plans regarding Bitcoin." So it seems the entire set of emails between Mr. Bored (which sounds a lot like Jason Bourne to me, coincidence? I digress) and Google was all a hoax, or at the very least it's a possibility that the emails were fabricated. Taking this into consideration, Google could in fact be looking into Bitcoin but it looks like they have no plans to support it at this time.

The funny thing about all of this is, if the whole thing was indeed fake in the first place, it still garnered a huge following of responses and conversation on reddit, which makes it obvious that people are interested in such a feature from Google and Google Wallet. Once Google gets wind of all this, and we wouldn't be surprised if they already have, at the very least they would have to start thinking about things. That is if Bitcoin isn't already on their minds. Would you consider using Bitcoin if it were incorporated into Google Wallet? Do you think there is even the slightest possibility that this could happen? Let us know in the comments.

Source: TheNextWeb

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