AT&T Offering as Much as $450 to T-Mobile Customers to Switch in a Bid to Take the UNCarrier

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Nobody can deny that in the past 12 months or so, T-Mobile has challenged how we think of the Wireless Industry, how we think of upgrading our smartphones, how we think about our monthly bills. More important though, they actually made it happen, through their “UNCarrier” campaign, T-Mobile changed the way we pay our phone bills and how we get our hands on the latest hardware, they made us question the regular subsidies that have been operating in the wireless sector for well over a decade now. In the process, they made both AT&T look pretty stupid with their incredibly hard-hitting marketing campaigns and of course, some very enticing price plans. Well, now AT&T is fighting back and they’re going straight for the wallet.

AT&T have come out and announced that they’ll be offering T-Mobile customers that switch to Ma Bell as much as $450 for simply saying goodbye to the UNcarrier and returning to normality. So, how it works is that this maximum “gift” of $450 is split in two, with a maximum of $250 given for your T-Mobile device and then there’s $200 credit given to each line you bring to AT&T from T-Mobile. There are, of course some caveats to all of this. First of all, the deal (that starts today, 3rd of January) is a limited time affair and the plan you have to switch to in order to get that $200 credit is the AT&T Next plan, which certainly won’t suit everyone. As for that phone of yours you’ll be trading in? $250 is the maximum you’re awarded, there’s no telling just how much your device could be worth and it’s up to Ma Bell how much they give you for your device.

This is certainly an aggressive deal on AT&T’s part but, we#re pretty sure that T-Mobile and Mr Legere will have something to say about it when they inevitably make some noise at this year’s CES. We’d like to hear from T-Mobile customers here, would you switch or is there nothing that will get you to leave T-Mobile? Let us know in the comments below or over on Google+!