ASUS Dual-booting Android/Windows 8 Tablet Leaks Out Before their CES Announcement

January 5, 2014 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Many folks are now in Las Vegas and getting ready for the madness that is CES. We’ll have a couple of press conferences tonight, and tomorrow will be full of them, back-to-back-to-back. So you’ll want to stay tuned to Android Headlines for all the information that comes out tomorrow. However, today ASUS’ dual-booting Android and Windows 8 tablet leaked out. The Transformer Book Duet.

On Sunday, ASUS mistakenly leaked the device on YouTube, it’s a convertible tablet/laptop that is going to be called the Transformer Book Duet, and will be model number TD300. Android World initially spotted the video which was quickly taken down, as expected. They describe this tablet as a quad-mode dual-OS device. ASUS has found a way to quickly move from Windows 8 to Android, the OS change takes place in just 8 seconds. Which is pretty amazing, and interesting at the same time. In order to move between Android and Windows 8 the user would have to put the tablet into it’s appropriate keyboard dock. Which sounds pretty simple, at least on the user’s end.

The screenshot that is shown above is taken from the video, and hints that users will also be able to “choose between Windows tablet or Android tablet at one touch”, however there is also a spelling error in that screenshot. As most of you will probably point out in the comments below, ASUS puts “Chose” instead of “Choose” in the video.

The leaked video did not leak out the specs, unfortunately. But knowing ASUS, I’d expect it to have a Tegra chip inside. I’d say a Tegra 4, but since NVIDIA has their own press conference this evening at CES 2014, we may be seeing the first device with a Tegra 5, but then again maybe not. It’s still a pretty interesting device from ASUS, and I can’t wait to find out more about it.