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Get ready for the most fun you'll have with 8-bit graphics since the first time you played NES and imagined you were Mario. Enter Retro Runners. The most energetic 8-Bit endless runner since... well ever cause I believe it's the only 8-bit endless runner that exists on Android, but nevertheless you'll want to play this game over and over again while listening to Flock of Seagulls "I Ran" as the infinite soundtrack. Come to think of it, that would have been the near perfect soundtrack song for the game but most people probably wouldn't have played it for more than 10 minutes if that were the case. I digress.

Retro Runners is the endless runner for anyone who remembers playing the old school NES games like Track and Field. It's time to find your best tank top, put on a pair of the most atrocious old school running shorts you can find, break out that dusty old headband you probably never wore and throw on a pair of tube socks and don't forget to stretch. What's the point of all this? To get your head in the game. You wouldn't want to be caught with your pants down would you? Prepare your game face, choose one of the available awesome characters and you're off to the races. Each character has their own unique skills so make sure you choose one that fits you best.

Retro Runners is one big giant endless race. You will have missions to complete as you go, and successfully completing those missions will earn you some coin. Earn enough coins and you can unlock more of the awesome characters to choose when you race, and there are 10 in all to collect. It's almost like collecting all the toys in a happy meal. Retro Runners has support for google play games, so that means leaderboards. Run till your legs give out and you top the online rankings, or at least till they would give out if you were actually running yourself. Thankfully this is just a game and no one has to know that you haven't ran since january of 1998. Retro Runners is free, and you can download it now from the Play Store.

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