Android Retro Game Of The Week: Winds Of Destiny DOTM

Winds of Destiny: Duels of The Magi is not your everyday retro rpg. No sir, or ma'am, it's much more than that. Winds of Destiny combines some of the most popular and amazing game genres out there, to offer a truly unique experience to anyone who is looking to have a little fun. Winds of Destiny takes the RPG, TCG, Strategy, and Fighting genres and mashes them together to give you an awesome head to head experience. If for some reason you are completely against new style graphics and will only play games that are adorned with all the retro 8-bit love that was painstakingly pieced together, Winds of Destiny is your game. Or, it could be one of them at least.

If you like head to head fight battles, but feel they can get a little boring sometimes, there's no better way to mix things up than with a little strategic value thanks to the TCG elements at play in Winds of Destiny. As explained by the games developer, Winds of Destiny is the perfect game for when you get together with buddies or friends for a coffee break, that you can enjoy together when you both have a yearning for a little head to head retro action. The game is not only fun, but it's supposed to help your cognition as well, and there's nothing wrong with that. Winds of Destiny offers up a 1-player story mode, because sometimes its just better to play by yourself. But, sometimes that's rather boring and you need some more interaction, so why not join others in the quest for dominance by checking out the simple and easy to use matchmaking system, which will pit you against other live opponents who only wish to duel for glory.

Not enough time for a full story mode session? Take your chances at the epic single player mode Boss Battles, which are only a single battle if you have not but the time for a quick game. There are 9 total characters, with 8 of them available from the start, and the 9th which is an unlockable. Winds of Destiny also promises to have future content added in, with free access to the expansion if you snag the paid version of the game. Winds of Destiny DOTM will set you back a mere $0.99, but if you want to give the game a try first, you can grab the free version to test it out, however it does have less content. You only get access to three of the games characters, and there is no 2-player matchmaking for online battles against other players. You also won't get any access to the future content with the free version, at least not without paying for the full game at that time. You can grab Winds of Destiny DOTM from the Play Store now for some awesome retro mashup action.

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