Android-powered Nokia Normandy Leaks Again, Keeps Us Guessing

January 15, 2014 - Written By Syed Sofian Rabbani

If you have been following the rumor mill for information and leaks of the purported Nokia Normandy as closely as we have, you would also know that the rumored device would be a low-range handset from the Finnish manufacturer and would be running a tweaked version of Google’s Android OS.

The hype surrounding the Nokia Android device – codenamed Normandy – cannot be easily explained. The same interest which the Android community showers on flagship devices like the Samsung Galaxy S4, the HTC One and the Sony Xperia Z1 is also being reserved for a device which is definitely going to be a low to mid-range device with mediocre specs.

The latest leak comes from veteran leakster – Vizileaks – who has posted a side shot of a Lumia-ish Nokia device on Twitter, which alleges to be the Nokia Normandy. The image above shows the camera, with a flash bulb as well as the volume rockers and a power button, which resides below the volume rocker – for some reason.

The leaked images (including the one above) shows that the Nokia Normandy flaunts Nokia’s usual design clues – especially of the Lumia age – but it does not have a hardware camera button and was previously rumored not to include an LED flash for the camera. The hardware specs peg the device to belong to Nokia’s lower Asha 1045 range, instead of the Lumia range. Rumors place the launch date for the Normandy around March 25th this year.

The fact which is causing the hype is that the Normandy will be the first Nokia device to run Google’s Android OS – albeit a forked and tweaked version. This will provide Normandy users access to Android apps – maybe even through Google’s Play store – which would address the shortcomings on Nokia’s Asha range – the lack of engaging apps.

Nokia with Android 1

However, we once again would advise you to consider all rumors with a pinch of salt. Nokia had been in an exclusive deal with Microsoft for manufacturing Windows Phone devices. The Finnish manufacturer had sold its devices arm to Microsoft in the second half of last year. What needs to be seen however is how the mobile devices landscape will be affected once Nokia jumps onto the Android bandwagon.

Do you think the Normandy would impact budget droids like the Moto G and localized players like India’s Micromax much? Or will it be another device from Nokia that just fizzles out. Our comments section awaits.