Android Game News Weekly 01/25/14: Boulderdash, Tanktastic, Barmark, Suits And Swords




Boulderdash Making Its Way To Android To Celebrate 30th Anniversaryboulder-dash-30thann

If you're familiar with the old school game Boulderdash, and perhaps of you even enjoyed playing this great retro title back in the day, you might be interested to know that Boulderdash will be celebrating its 30th Anniversary soon, and to help ring in the occasion, there will apparently be an Android version of the re-work coming our way. The game is slated for release later in the year but there is no official date set yet. When it does drop, the game will be free with plenty of content to start, and if you want to expand the game there will be optional IAP for more levels and such. Seems like a great idea to us and we can't wait to see how Boulderdash transforms for the new modern mobile gaming space.


Image: vg247

Tanktastic Gets Updated With Tons Of New Features, Including MOGA Supportunnamed

If you love explosive Tank battles, than you have to check out Tanktastic. Especially since the game was just updated with lots of new features. First, and quite possibly the most important, is that it now has MOGA support. If you thought this game was fun before, now that it has MOGA controller support you can play in a whole new way. Along with the already awesome online multiplayer and other previously available features, the new update brings in 14 new tanks, 2 new maps, more camo, more upgrades, IR smoke, regional chat, autocannons, updates to the graphics, game balance, tank control, and much more. If you haven't gotten into Tanktastic yet, perhaps you should. You can grab up Tanktastic from the Play Store for free.

Image: Play Store


Source: Android Central

Barmark Raises The Bar For Weirdest And Most Intriguing Game So Far This YearThe Cave Panorama

In the years that Android has been alive, we've come across quite a few weird games. None have been as intriguing though as Barmark, an upcoming game from Stormhatt Studios out of Sweden. After you watch the trailer the first thing you notice is the hand painted art that undoubtedly took many sleepless nights to create. Little to nothing is really known about the game, but we can discern from the teaser trailer that it has a sort of mood induced emotional element meant to immerse the player. We're not too sure what to make of the game, but it sure looks interesting.

Image: Stormhatt Studios


Suits And Swords Blends Blackjack Like Strategy With RPG Based Gameplaysuits-and-swords-iphone-review3

Sony has just recently released Suits and Swords onto the Play Store. If you like blackjack or at least the strategy that the game is based on, this is one game you may be interested in taking a look at. Sony has melded in elements of RPG style play so as to add an interesting twist to the game. Your goal in the game is to reign supreme as the master of Blackjack, while saving the four different card realms from complete destruction. Suits and Swords is certainly an original feeling game and if you have a taste for RPG based gameplay with card game like features, you can grab Suits and Swords on the Play Store for free.