Android Game Weekly 01/19/14: iKoid Android Game Bundle, Dungeon Forge, Dawn Of The Plow


iKoid Android Bundle Gives You Four Great Games For $1.99ikoid

Those of you out there that enjoy indie games are probably familiar with the Humble Bundle, however you may not know about the iKoid Game Bundle. iKoid is similar in fashion to the Humble Bundle in that it gives you a number of great games for a really cheap price. What's different though, is that with Humble Bundle you can choose to pay whatever amount you wish to get the game pack, and choosing to pay at least the minimum average unlocks additional games. With the iKoid Game bundle, you pay one flat amount that is set at a ridiculously low price for the games included. This time were talking about iKoid Bundle #4, in which there are five games included. The games are Critical Missions: Swat, Call of Cthulhu: Wasted Land, Ku: Shroud of the Morrigan, Cryptic Caverns HD, and Lemegeton Master Edition. Five really great games for one low price, so you can game on the cheap. To access iKoid Bundle #4, just go to the website and hit the purchase button, but hurry as there are only a little over 4 days left to get it!

A New Action-RPG Called Dungeon Forge Sets The Bar For Future Dungeon CrawlersDForge

Dungeon Crawlers are just good clean fun when it comes to games. Nothing gets the blood pumping quite like a good hack and slash session where you mow down enemies and legions of nefarious foes. Dungeon Forge wants to continue the trend of a great hack and slash/Action-RPG dungeon crawler experience, but add to it by giving you the ability to drive the content. The games development team, Collective Dream Studios, is adding in a level/map editor so you can set up the map and the campaign however you want, and begin your story in this epic journey. The visuals are simply stunning, and the game should prove to bring a unique and intense element to dungeon crawlers above what is currently available. So far there is no word on a launch date, or how much it will cost to buy the game. Even so, this game looks awesome.

Source & Image Credit: DroidGamers


Clear Roads Like A Pro In Dawn Of The PlowDawnofThePlow

Have you ever imagined yourself driving a giant snow plow? If you have ever wanted the chance to clear the roads of snow that is blocking people's paths to get where ever they need to go, Dawn of the Plow lets you have your cake and eat it too. The roads are covered with snow, no one can drive through safely. There's only one person that can manage to clean the roads and get the job done. You. So stop wasting time and get to it before your boss fires you. Make a clear, safe path on the roads for cars to pass through, do cookies in the snow with your giant snow plow because hey, when are you ever going to get the chance to do that in real life? Make sure to keep your boss off your back by doing a good job. Live the life you've always wanted clearing roads and shoving snow around. We know you're excited about getting your feet wet, but there's word on exact time or pricing for this game yet. For now you'll just have to enjoy the trailer, and imagine all the fun you'll have. While there obviously isn't a whole lot of depth to this game in terms of story or plot, it has cool retro graphics which always awesome, and it could help you pass the time in small increments if you ever need a game that won't take up too much of your attention. Dawn of the Plow is due to arrive some time this month, which is nearly over, so we won't be waiting too long.

Source & Image Credit:PocketGamer

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