Android Game Weekly 01/11/14: Exiles, Archangel, Playstation Now, Game Of Thrones, Asphalt 8

January 11, 2014 - Written By Justin Diaz

Crescent Moon Games Leaks Screenshots For Upcoming Game ExilesExiles-Android-game

Crescent Moon Games is well known for some major masterpieces on mobile. Most notably for smash hits like Aralon Sword and Shadow, and Ravensword Shadowlands, which are open world epic RPG titles. Their newest game venture, which seems to have a sort of sci-fi theme going on in it, is called Exiles and it looks pretty awesome. Some amazing visuals are certainly going to be present in this game, although there aren’t many details about the game itself. The screenshots sure look awesome though and we’ll be sure to update you on anything that comes up about Exiles as soon as we know it.

Unity Games New Dungeon Crawler ‘Archangel’ Ascends To The Play Storedownload

At Android Headlines we love a good Dungeon Crawler. There’s just something to be said for getting to venture around epic looking worlds and beating down enemies with the might of 20,000 hammers. Archangel, is a Dungeon Crawler that certainly looks worth its salt. Unlike most other Action-RPG dungeon crawlers on Android right now, this one is actually a paid title which plenty of people are probably really happy about. That more than likely means no IAP, or at the least as minimal as possible and we’ll still get a full game experience with plenty of awesome graphics and loads of action. In Archangel, you embody the Angel of Justice and Retribution, and you’ll have to fight your way through 30 levels and pummel waves of enemies. There’s over 100 items to collect, and there’s achievements and leaderboards via Google Play Games. You can download Archangel from the Play Store now for $4.99.

Sony Announces Playstation Now;Stream Playstation Games To Your Tabletart-Sony-PlayStation-Now-620x349

Sony announced this service earlier in the week at CES, but it’s pretty exciting and we wanted to make sure that no one missed the news. The new streaming service coming from Sony will allow users to stream various titles from PSX, PS2, and even PS3 to tablets, smartphones and TVs, as well as PS4 and PSVita. There hasn’t really been any mention on what the cost of the service will be or when it will be launched, but a close beta is apparently starting by the end of this month, so we should see Playstation Now kick off in full by hopefully July or August.

Game Of Thrones:Ascent Coming To Android Soongameofthronesascent530

The popular Facebook Game of Thrones title called Game of Thrones: Ascent will be making its way to Android soon according to CEO of Disruptor Beam, the company behind the Facebook game. This port to Android from Facebook will supposedly keep all the content from the original game, and existing players will be able to link up their accounts to play cross-platform. The really cool thing about the game is that it syncs up with the events that are happening on TV when the series is running, to offer some pretty cool and unique styles of gameplay. Who’s excited about Game of Thrones??

Asphalt 8 Gets Another Update; Adds LaFerrari And Other New ContentA8_screen_2048x1536_EN_01

Asphalt 8 is undoubtedly one of the best racing games on Android right now, and there’s plenty to be done inside the game from challenging friends via ghost races to collecting a fleet of cars to race with. Asphalt 8 received another new update this week, adding in new content and more new vehicles for you to enjoy. You can now get your hands on the new LaFerrari, the 2014 Pagani Huayra and the unique 2014 Lykan Hypersport. In addition to a few new vehicles, Gameloft also added in some new daily bonuses, and new win streaks for multiplayer races. It’s not the largest update we’ve seen for Asphalt 8 thus far, but new content is always appreciated whether big or small. You can download the update or install the game for the first time by hitting the link to the Play Store.