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Journey back to 2028,err.. rather journey forward? The point is, RoboCop is back and he's bigger and badder than ever. Glu recently released the game based off of the reboot of the major motion picture coming next month, and we have to say, it's pretty awesome. This third person shooter of sorts puts you in the shoes of Detroit Police Officer Alex Murphy, who is injured in the line of duty while trying to stop some bad guys. It doesn't look good for Alex, but he is inevitably saved from death (somewhat) when the huge multinational corporation OmniCorp steps in to transform Murphy into a half man and half machine. The transformation with Murphy ends up a success, and Detroit now has it's first official Part robot police officer.

RoboCop is full of action and has a great guided system of getting you started with how to play the game. It walks you step by step through the first mission to teach you how to utilize certain aspects of the game like firing your weapon and how to perform RoboCop's different tactics. Overall it's a great start to the experience, and helps you to get acquainted with the setup of how to play. Once you get through the first mission, it's time to put lawbreakers in their place. You are the ultimate law enforcement officer. Use special cover tactics to avoid enemy fire, and aim for the kill shot at just the right moment.

Immerse yourself in console quality graphics and progress through OmniCorps training simulations. As the first Official RoboCop you'll have to be trained, and it won't be easy. You'll come across some of Detroit's worst offenders, even battle against and destroy massive robot enemies from the film with more than enough firepower to take you down. Feeling like the missions are overwhelming? Use a drone strike to level the playing field and take out a huge group of enemies at once. Even use body heat vision to scan for enemies and locate their weak points, giving you the edge back. Overall, RoboCop is game that feel like it's a little on rails but it's a lot of fun and comes packed with great visuals, and you can't beat the price. You can pick up RoboCop in the Play Store for free, of course their are some optional IAP in there for those who choose to spend some real cash for further advancements early on.

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