Android Game Of The Week: ARC Squadron Redux

January 4, 2014 - Written By Justin Diaz

ARC Squadron Redux is a game of action, adventure, and space battles. An evil race known as the guardians is trying to take over the universe, and it’s your job to stop them. Their only goal is to ravage planets and destroy life, killing the peaceful inhabitants of any planet they come across. Only you, and you alone can stop the guardians, and save the universe from destruction. You serve as an elite pilot of the ARC Squadron, and you’ll be taking on the guardians head to head. Defeat them in combat, or risk total annihilation.

This action packed space shooter offers awesome visuals, with plenty of dogfight type battles. Traverse the far reaches of space through 20 different unique and gorgeous environments and hunt down each and every one of the Nine Guardian Lords. ARC Squadron has a huge 60 level campaign, so there is plenty of space fighting action to fill your time. In addition, there are 15 challenge levels to test your skills as an elite ARC Squadron Pilot. Only the best of the best will be able to hack it. The game is simple enough to play with easy one-touch controls, but you’ll still have to work at making it through each level, which keeps the game challenging and fun. The graphics are stunning and the games soundtrack is exhilarating, leaving you with a high octane adrenaline rush, bringing you back for more.

Fly your way through space in six different ships, which you can upgrade and outfit with the best possible weaponry to do your job. Utilize the eight different upgradeable weapons for the utmost firepower, and destroy the Nine Guardian Lords and any foes that stand in your way of protecting the universe. ARC Squadron Redux not only has epic space battles and 9 awesome boss fights, but it supports Google Play Games services for leaderboards and achievements, and like any good gamer, we know how you love achievements. This is one of the better space fighting games you will come across on Android, and it’s definitely worth checking out. ARC Squadron Redux is free, and it’s available in the Play Store now for you to download.Google-Play-Banner-Get-it-On-Large