Android Finally Gets Augmented With Deus Ex: The Fall

The last few months since the original release of Square Enix's popular first person action-rpg, Deus Ex: The Fall on ios, has been a back and forth game of cat and mouse it seems like for Android users. The game was initially announced as coming to both Android and ios when Sqaure Enix and Eidos Montreal unveiled that they were bringing the popular franchise to mobile, but when launch day finally came, to no avail it couldn't be found on the Play Store. Months went by with no word from Square or Eidos about the Android launch, until December when they posted a statement to their Facebook page confirming it was still on the way and would be arriving soon. As of this afternoon, that day has finally come and Deus Ex: The Fall is now available for all you Android gamers to enjoy. The game will set you back $6.99, but for all that the Deus Ex franchise has to offer, and the fact that this is a full fledged game with a ton of content, seven bucks is well worth it and Square could learn something about their Final Fantasy game pricing from this experience.

Deus Ex: The Fall, for those who don't know is sort of a sequel to the popular Console/PC hit, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, although the this title doesn't actually star Adam Jensen as the main character, but instead gives the lead role to a former SAS agent Ben Saxton. As the Story goes, Saxton is a former British SAS agent who gets augmented with cybernetic enhancements, and struggles to find out the truth behind the global conspiracy that is threatening his life. In The Fall, you'll traverse through a series of rich and immersive story driven content, with first rate action that any other FPS title could aspire to deliver on a mobile device. Deus Ex: The Fall boasts extremely detailed High Definition graphics that will make your jaw drop, as well as provides easy to learn and intuitive touch based controls and an incredibly detailed set of environments that is fully explorable.

As with all Deus Ex games, you can play how you like and choose to go at things full steam or take a more toned down stealthy approach, and all the choices you make as well as responses you give to people throughout the game, can affect the overall outcome. Deus Ex: The Fall offers up a completely original storyline, and serves to be a likely candidate for game of the year. We know it's a little early to make that call, but seriously, this game is that damn good. If you want to pick it up, the game is now live in the Play Store. If you pick up the game, let us know in the comments what you pick for your first augmentations. Deus Ex fans rejoice!

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