Alleviate The Need To Check Your Calendar For Scheduled Events With The 12Hours Widget

Android is great for customization. It's also great for planning daily events with the use of the Google Calendar app, even more so since Google has added in all that special color coded visualization. Sometimes though it can be easy to forget what events you have going on in the day, so we do what anyone would do in this situation which is go look in our calendars at the entered events. You could always place a calendar widget on the home screen, but for some who like the minimalist clean look, a calendar widget can be clunky and takes up too much space if you want to be able to read it easily. That's where 12Hours can come in handy. 12Hours is the two in one widget that can give you a digital clock to display your time, while also reminding you of what events you have going on during the time you'll be awake, by taking the same color coded visual system and placing those colors around the outer border of the clock widget.

The colors are spread out in such a way that they correspond to the hours and times you have events set, so they match up with what you have entered in the calendar. There's no need to open the calendar to re-read what you already know, or to place a large calendar widget on the home screen. (unless of course you like the calendar widget then by all means.. do so. We won't judge) Among the obvious usefulness that this widget can provide to someone who uses their calendar daily for use with events, 12Hours has the ability to act as an action launcher for a specific app of your choosing. So if you want to make the obvious choice here and make it launch the clock on a simple tap, you can do so. Or you can have it launch the calendar. Both are great selections. If you want to go out on a limb though and have it launch Angry Birds because you know you have a daily session in the mix, you can do that too. The best part about 12Hours is that it's a free widget, which amplifies the value tenfold. No IAP, and no ads to bother you. 12Hours is available in the Play Store as of now.

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