The AH Show is Back, Tonight at 8:30pm ET; Prescription Google Glass, Samsung Galaxy Glass, and More!


The AH Show is back on the air tonight at 8:30pm ET. This week was really slow for news. The lull between CES and MWC has set in. There are some rumors and leaks coming out about things we'll see at MWC, though. There's also some news, like Google buying artificial intelligence start up DeepMind. Verizon and Vodafone have gotten approval from their shareholders to move forward with that buyout. Amazon may be looking to get into the gaming console fight with a forked Android gaming-box. Some new Sony devices popped up at the FCC with support for U.S. LTE networks. We still have plenty to talk about, don't you worry.

Here's tonight's agenda in case you want to follow along:




Software and Apps

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