Add Prescription Lenses And Frames To Your Google Glass Via Wetley And Opticsplanet Starting At $99

Google Glass has yet to hit a point where its ready for consumer availability, but that hasn't stopped those who do have their hands on it from asking about the ability to purchase and attach "Prescription" lenses and frames to attach to their device. It makes perfect sense to see this sort of thing available, as many people who wear and operate Google Glass will already wear glasses. Thanks to Glasses company Wetley, if you are one such owner of Glass you can now head over to Opticsplanet and buy yourself a pair of prescription lenses and frames to work with your pair of Google Glass.

The GGRX, which Wetley has aptly named their set of frames to adapt to your Glass, is available starting at $99, and you can order them now off of the opticsplanet website. The lenses in case some of you were wondering are stated as not included with this introductory $99 pricetag, as it is just for the frame alone. There is an available set of lenses that come along with the frame that you can purchase however, as long as you're ok with letting go of a bit more money. The lenses themselves cost $149, and they come in a variety of options. Wetley offers you the choice of regular clear lenses, tinted lenses which come in varied color options(gray, brown, green, and yellow) and finally a set of photochromic lenses that adjust to light and darken when hit with outside UV rays, or lighten when out of sunlight. The options you choose to customize your lenses with will of course modify the price of your total cost, but you already knew that right?

All together you can buy the stainless steel frame and a set of clear prescription lenses from Wetley for a total of $249.99, which doesn't sound like such a bad price. Wetley also offers a set of progressive prescription lenses that cost $249.99 as well. However you can also have your local optician make you a pair of prescription lenses specifically for the Wetley Google Glass Frame/Adapter. The Wetley Google Glass adapter mounts to your Glass in seconds, and requires no tools whatsoever to attach. Each set of lenses should you choose to purchase from Opticsplanet comes with a special anti-reflective coating to help reduce eye fatigue and strain. The frame boasts being able to accommodate just about any prescription, so it seems like its possible to work for almost anyone. We think these look rather stylish for something you mount to a piece of wearable tech. What do you think about the Wetley Frame/Adapter and lenses? Let us know in the comments if you're using Google Glass and would consider purchasing these.

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