Watchmaker, OKO International, Launches Smartwatch Priced at $199 for Limited Time

December 12, 2013 - Written By Cory McNutt

For us Android techies, this watchmaker’s name is a little misleading – a twenty-four year old company, called Android USA, is launching a smartwatch, aptly name Android SmartWatch – but neither the company or the product have anything to do with Google’s Android Operating System.  Android USA has put out a couple of teaser videos, hinting at its capabilities. The device is available for purchase on TouchOfModern’s website for a “sales price” of $199!

From the second video, shown below, we know it must work with the Samsung Galaxy S4, but the cut-sheet, only lists it as iPhone compatible – and I am not sure how many iPhone users would want to wear a watch named Android! Under the product details, we are told that it: connects with our phone, is 1.3cm thick, uses a Micro USB charger, comes with a leather strap, and informs us that the battery will last up to 4 days in sleep mode.  It has an internal pedometer, takes voice memos, is Bluetooth enabled, functions like a calculator, and contains the essential chronographic watch functions and calendar.  However, in those videos we see the user apparently answer the phone and being able to receive a notification – both while driving! At 1.3cm thick and a 45mm body, it is quite a large watch, and you can see this from the video.

Android USA

The Android SmartWatch comes in three colors on TouchOfModern’s site – Red, Orange, and Purple, although it looks like it also sports a White, Black, and Blue color as well.  We are not told what operating system (OS) the watch is running and Android USA is asking us to lay out $200 – $375 for a device we know very little about.  It seems as though we are to being asked to buy it on the good faith of their company name.

Let us know in the comments or on Google+ if the Android SmartWatch is something you may be interested in purchasing, especially while it is on sale – that $375 list price tag is a little hard to swallow, although, Android USA is known for more unusual watches at unusual prices. The APK can be downloaded HERE.