Verizon Updates DROID Ultra, MAXX and Mini to Android 4.4 KitKat Starting Today


When Verizon became the first carrier to deliver Android 4.4 KitKat to the Moto X, we could hardly believe it. Well, now they're back with yet another speedy turnaround for KitKat with their own DROID devices, all of which are getting Android 4.4 starting today, including the DROID Mini. Verizon sent out a tweet earlier today proclaiming the good news and said that the updates were rolling out in phases so, if you haven't got the update just yet – sit tight, it's on its way.

For this year's lineup of DROID devices, the update to Android 4.4 isn't exactly huge or anything but, it's nice to have certainly. One of the bigger feature updates with this OTA is an improved interface for the Droid ZAP file sharing app, other than that this is mostly background stuff. If you're wondering what all this "KitKat" business is about, then you can read our review of Google's latest OS right here. Only days after the soak test was sent out to folks, the update is already starting to rollout. Which is, let's face it, entirely out of character for Verizon and it's a great thing to see. Verizon hasn't gained the best reputation when it comes to software updates over the years but, the recent update of the Moto X and now their flagship DROID devices could be a sign that Verizon is looking to turn things around.


The main reason this has happened so fast of course, is because of the excellent software engineers over at Motorola but, it certainly seems that Verizon has cut the "testing" period down for this one. It's nice to see Verizon users getting earlier access to system updates such as this and it also makes us scratch our heads as to why other devices on the network, such as the HTC One, have to wait so long to get their respective system updates. Nevertheless, DROID owners have one more reason to smile today so, let us know if Verizon and Motorola have put a KitKat grin on your face in the comments below.

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