Use Google Now To Automate Virtually Anything With The Help Of Tasker, Autovoice, And Xposed

Any of you out there that happen to be fans of Tasker and all its powers of Automation, prepare to have your minds blown. Thanks to a great little combo of apps that consists of Google Now, Tasker, Xposed Framework, and Autovoice, you can pretty much automate anything you want. Before you go and get all excited however, those of you that like the sound of this but aren't to sure what these apps are, know that you absolutely NEED to have your phone rooted to do any of this. That being said, the capability to do the things you can with this setup is just awesome. The possibilities can be pretty much limitless, and while this setup is still in the early stages of life, given some time and well polished hard work you can imagine what could be possible. Let's start you off with the first video as a demo since its fairly short and gives you an idea of what this means. BEHOLD!

Great! Now that you have watched the first video on the possibilities of this automation setup, lets move on. Thanks to Jo£o Dias who is the developer of the Autovoice Tasker plugin, this combination of apps and its uses was made possible and boy have people started to run with it. In a short breakdown, The new update to Autovoice allows you to launch Tasker functions just by speaking to Google Search(Google Now). Imagine you don't want to get up to turn off the lights or start that coffee pot. Sure it sounds a bit futuristic but very cool none the less and if anything it'll impress your friends, or you could even use it to spook people from the other room provided you haven't already bragged to them about your awesome automated setup. This Tasker tutorial Guru(Armando Ferreira) gives us the front row seat to its possibilities.

Obviously being able to do what Armando is doing in his YouTube vid is not as easy as having these apps all set up on your device. It in fact would require quite a bit of work and extra equipment to interact with the voice commands, but if you're someone that loves a good project and see this as a undertaking or an invitation to do this stuff and more, by all means get started and share your results. Once again to do this you absolutely have to be rooted to setup any of the automations demoed here, and once rooted you can't get started without having Tasker, Autovoice(the Tasker plugin) and Xposed Framework installed. If you are someone who is new to Tasker, but would love to get started on using its endless functions, Following Armando Youtube will get you going with some great How-to's. Anyone else extremely excited about all of this?

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