Unofficial Android 4.4 Updates Are Now Available For The T-Mobile And International Galaxy Note 3

December 30, 2013 - Written By Justin Diaz

If you own a Galaxy Note 3, it seems that today is your lucky day because an unofficial build of the Android 4.4 kit Kat update has surfaced for the Note 3. That is, at least for the T-Mobile and International versions. This marks the release of the first AOSP unofficial ROM for the Galaxy Note 3 in either of these two variants, and if you’re eager and tired of running on an older version of the Android software, it’s time to pull up your bootstraps and do some legwork to get your device running on the newest version of Android. Before you go crazy though it’s worth mentioning that you should proceed with strong caution on loading this onto your device, as this LiquidSmooth ROM is still in the early stages of development so there are probably more bugs than one would want for a daily driver.

This release comes to us from XDA Senior Member deadman96385, who has been working effortlessly to get this ROM up and running. As stated above, there are some bugs to make note of, not the least of which is random data drops. You also might notice the inability to hang up a phone call, which might prove troublesome for a few people. Although these bugs are no small matter, they’re part of small list of bugs with the emphasis on the word small, so if you want to check out what LiquidSmooth is all about, don’t let a couple bugs stop you from updating. Both previously mentioned bugs are reported as being present for both Note 3 variants, so it’s not an isolated issue to one or the other. Other bugs include lack of audio(although we’re not sure if everyone will experience this bug but it is present) and it seems that the international variant of this ROM has problems with mounting the SD.6e0z01These bugs are sure to receive plenty of attention from deadman to iron things out, but if you have an understanding of things like these you can feel free to join in on either XDA thread and contribute to making these issues go away. All said and done this looks to be like a pretty interesting ROM for the Galaxy Note 3, and if you want to test it out, head on over to the T-Mobile thread, or the International thread to get started. It goes without saying that you have to be rooted with an unlocked bootloader to get these ROM’s up and running on your own device, and make sure to read everything before you attempt doing anything.