UK Residents Can Now Buy The Nexus Wireless Charger From The Play Store

nexus wireless charger

If you happen to live in the UK like our very own resident bloke Tom Dawson, than chances are you might just be the happiest camper in the world right now as the Official Nexus wireless charger that was released alongside the Nexus 5 is now available to purchase from the Play Store. Before you trample whoever you live with to get to the computer and open your browser, take some time to reflect on this awesome opportunity. You can now wirelessly charge whatever devices you have that support the feature and the Qi standard, most notably the new Nexus 7 and the Nexus 5. The new charger operates off of the Qi wireless charging standard, so if you have any other phones that support and use the same standard and you have been waiting to pick this up, now is your chance.

This new official wireless charger from Google lays flat and has an overall glossy look on the face, as compared to the official Google wireless charging orb from last year that came out alongside the Nexus 4. As someone who owns the wireless charging orb, its great for the Nexus 4, but its cumbersome and utterly terrible to charge anything bigger than that particular device on it. Charging the new Nexus 7 on last years wireless orb, forget about it. Even in landscape mode it’s annoying.

With this new official wireless charger you can pretty much charge anything big or small, and unlike the wireless orb you won’t run into issues with it touching whatever surface the charger is sitting on preventing the inductive contact from staying where it needs to. For you lucky UK residents the new official wireless charger from Google can be purchased for £34.99, and the device will ship out to you in about 1-2 business days. That’s a pretty quick little turn around for a google product that comes from the Play Store these days, although they seem to have been quite speedy with their orders as of late. You can more than likely pick up other wireless chargers that suit your needs for a lower price, but if you have been wanting the Official Nexus wireless charger like I had, go grab it from the play store now.