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With Christmas fast approaching, we start to ask ourselves, "Where is Santa, and what does he do during the rest of the year?" It's not just the children, we adults have often wondered the same thing…where did he get that cushy union job, you know? With the new Chrome¬†extension or Chromecast app from Google and Android, we will finally get the answers to all of our questions.

It seems that dear Old St. Nick has been vacationing on a remote beach and soaking up the sun for the past eleven months, and Santa is finally ready to join the elves back at the North Pole to get ready for Christmas Eve. We also find out that the Elves are not only child labor busting their humps making toys, but they also need to clear the snow off of 23 Elf homes, candy factories, and the North Pole Command Centers – honest, this is what Google is telling us.


Google recommends that you visit the Village every day through December 24, that way you can participate in all of the necessary preparations needed as Christmas Eve fast approaches – give these poor Elves some help. You can join in helping the Elves catapult presents and then you can race with the reindeer. You can even have Santa send holiday greetings to your friends and family. Each day the Elves make a little progress, so be sure to stop at the Village daily to track their progression.

Santa Tracker Smartphone

We don't have the government tracking Santa (although they probably are) but the Google engineers will be hard at work tracking Santa and his sleigh with the most advanced maps (probably Google Maps) and technology available. On Christmas Eve you can grab some cookies and apple cider (yeah, right) and settle in front of your computer, phone, or TV to track Santa and his sleigh going around the globe with Santa Tracker. You can see where he is going, the number of presents he's delivered, and even what dear old Santa is thinking about during his travels around the world.


Once the Elves approve, they will launch the Google Santa Tracker app for Android in mid-December. You can sit in front of a cozy fire with your tablet and follow Santa or if you have to go out, you can easily track his every move on your smartphone. With Chromecast you can cast Santa's comings and goings on the big screen TV. If you are worried you might forget what day it is, download the Chrome extension to your browser to keep track of the days as they count down right on your screen.

Download the Chrome Extension HERE to keep track on Santa!

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