Top Ten Best Android Time Management Games

December 28, 2013 - Written By Justin Diaz

10. Bag It!unnamed

On sale for the holidays, Bag It! is 50%, and offers over 100 levels to gain three star achievements and two medals. Bag groceries at lightning fast pace. Choose Standard, Rampage, or Puzzle mode and try to find unique grocery combos. Bagged all there is to bag? Start on one of the three endless modes. Watch your groceries come to life in Bag It!. You can pick up this game on the Play Store for $0.99Google-Play-Banner-Get-it-On-Large

9. Taco Mastertaco

Think you got what it takes to be the taco master? Well stop talking and start making tacos to prove who really is the best. Taco master has 3 different game modes, career, arcade, and time attack. You have to be able to make tacos fast, so make sure to use multi-touch to grab more than one ingredient at the same time. But wait, people get even hungrier during the zombie apocalypse, try your hand at taco zombie mode. Taco Master is free in the Play Store.Google-Play-Banner-Get-it-On-Large

8. Streetfood Tycoonstre

If you have ever wanted to own a food cart, now you can. Streetfood Tycoon allows you to sell a variety of different streetfoods from various food carts. There’s tons of celebrity customers to unlock, because celebrities have to eat too. Sell streetfood in seven different locations and sell enough so that you can upgrade your food cart to the most awesome its ever been. The people are hungry, will they buy from you? Streetfood Tycoon is free in the Play Store.Google-Play-Banner-Get-it-On-Large

7. An Unexpected Taverntav

Although its a bit of a ripoff and probably blasphemous to true Lord of The Rings fans, in An Unexpected Tavern you must help Bobo the ..Hobbit? Anywho, help Bobo and his staff serve the citizens if Midgaard You can’t do it alone though, grab help from the likes of Gandolfi, and serve the people while encountering fun and wacky challenges. Unlock, hire, and level up more assistants to help you serve as your tavern gets busier. Earn bonus cash from VIP visitors. Like Lord of The Rings and like time managements games? Try An Unexpected Tavern for free.Google-Play-Banner-Get-it-On-Large

6. Diner Dashdiner

One of the most popular time management games is back. That’s right I’m talking about Diner Dash for Android. Build your restaurant empire and be the best and most popular restaurant in town. Make the customers happy but don’t forget to be quick. Boast about your scores and achievements to friends. You’ll have to seat, serve, buss tables, and attend to guests as quickly as you can if you’re going to make it in this business. Diner Dash is free at the start, but you can choose to pay for the full version and get more hours of fast paced, food serving fun. Pick it up in the Play Store for free.Google-Play-Banner-Get-it-On-Large

5. Happy Chefhap

A Happy Chefs makes happy customers. In happy Chef you’ll have 25 hours of fun and more than 70 levels of food making madness. You have more than 100 meals to cook, and five different locations in which to become the best chef there ever was. Each location has new meals and different ingredients, so no one location will be completely the same. Choose from 4 different characters and become the happiest chef. It’ll be easy to get attached to the fun and quirky art style of the game. Happy Chef is one time management game you will definitely want to check out. Pick it up for free from the Play Store.Google-Play-Banner-Get-it-On-Large

4. Dragon Storydrag

If you have ever wanted to raise your very own dragons, Dragon Story gives you that opportunity. Of course Dragons don’t exist in the real world, so Dragon Story gives you the chance of a lifetime. Collect mysterious eggs and care for them till they hatch. Grow them into full fledged dragons of all different types. Raise them through four stages of growth to reach the ultimate Dragon form. Build and decorate your dragon islands with castles, colorful habitats and more. Dragon Story is free and you can grab it now from the Play Store.Google-Play-Banner-Get-it-On-Large

3. Dragonvaledra

From the makers of Ninjump comes Dragonvale, the most awesome game to raise dragons and build your dragon filled world. Build your magical sky island and decorate it the way you want. Raise your dragons but don’t forget they want to be happy too. Build a farm to grow dragon treats to feed your dragons. Dragonvale has excellent full color graphics, and an original renaissance music soundtrack to add to the theme of the game. It even has Dragon Races to compete in for awesome prizes. Dragonvale is free and available now in the Play Store.Google-Play-Banner-Get-it-On-Large

2. Air Control Liteair

A completely different time management experience can be yours in Air Control Lite. Air Control Lite has online high scores to brag about your air controller prowess, and you can play in two awesome game modes: Classic, and Puzzle mode. As an air traffic controller, your job is to direct the airplanes safely and avoid collisions at all costs. There are tons of hours of gameplay in Air Control Lite, and if you hate ads you can pick up the paid version for $2.49. Air Control Lite is available now for free in the Play Store.Google-Play-Banner-Get-it-On-Large

1. Burgerburg

Burger is quite possibly the most popular Time Management game of all time on Android with anywhere between 10 and 50 million installs. You can join the millions of players and try to become the Burger making master. All the basic burger ingredients are here. From the buns to the beef. There’s more than 300 levels to complete and a total of 40 achievements to gather. Can you master the way of the burger and gather them all? Play Burger in either Classic or Time Attack mode. Time is money they say so you’ll have to be quick about it. Order up! Burger is free and available now in the Play Store.Google-Play-Banner-Get-it-On-Large