Top Ten Best Android Music/Rhythm Games

10. Pinball Rocks HD Pinball Rocks HD by Sony Music Entertainment brings together the best of Rock music and Pinball as one awesome experience. Pinball is a staple among games where the most crowning achievement is the high score, just like many of todays music based games. What could be better than the two of them together. In Pinball Rocks HD you'll find many of todays popular rock artists, like Three Days Grace, Slayer, and Bullet For My Valentine. You'll find a new music track with each mission, and there is a total of 20 missions and 3 bonus games. More songs can be purchased in game with a one time purchase. Get Pinball Rocks HD free from the Play Store.

9. Touch Mix FX Touch Mix FX is Gamevils attempt at a musical rhythm game, and they didn't do half bad. Touch Mix FX has a quest system in place which actually seems about right coming from gamevil who has their hand in many RPG titles. You can play the game with two different modes, where vibrant colored lines or bright circles fly down the screen as you attempt to tap your fingers to the beat. You can even play while the lines and circles join together to make it even more of a challenge. Strive for perfect beats and grab the highest score. Touch Mix FX is free and you can grab it from the Play Store now.

8. TunesHolic If you're looking for a new music game to play, check out TunesHolic. TunesHolic gives you five different rhythmic musics to choose from, and lets you upload and play to your own songs.(it's worth noting that you can only use songs that are in mp3 format according to the devs). It has four levels of difficulty in case you get a big head and think you're the music master. You can play in portrait mode or landscape mode, choose from six different kinds of line modes from 3 lines through 8, and you can adjust the speed of the notes. It's got a built in rewards system, and you can even enjoy the sounds of christmas since as of right now they have added 5 more songs in to celebrate the season. TunesHolic is Free in the Play Store.

7. Music Hero Although it states its "the most rockin' and only music game you can play with your own music", it's certainly not. That doesn't stop Music Hero from being awesome though. As stated you can play with your own music which automatically gets the game at least a couple stars, giving you plenty of replay value based off of your music library. It's a pretty basic music based game setup, with visuals that remind you of Guitar Hero, but it looks really good and its a lot of fun. Music Hero from Words Mobile is Free on the Play Store.

6. Santa Rockstar There's no other music based game where you get to tap your fingers to the beat of the awesome music while staring at a bitchin' Rockstar Santa playing the guitar. Santa Rockstar needs your help! You must help save Christmas with the holy power of ROCK! You can play as Santa in this awesome holiday themed rhythmic rocker, or you can unlock other holiday characters to help you save the day. Tis the season and if you're going to help deliver presents to all the good little boys and girls, you're going to need some music. Santa Rockstar has 5 different stages with soundtracks so shredded they'll melt off your face. Unlock multiple worlds like the Dragon Shrine and the Burning Alien. Not sure what to make of that one. What are you waiting for? Get off your butt and help Santa save the holidays. You can use the different pedals and picks to help boost your performance. You're gonna need it. Santa Rockstar is free in the Play Store.

5. Bit.Trip Beat The only game that successfully fuses a timeless classic like pong with interactive beats and music. You can use the accelerometer or touch controls to move the paddle up and down the screen. Beats come flying at you and you have to use the paddle to bounce them back. Just like pong! Only much better. As you bounce back each beat, the future beats become more chaotic and difficult, making this game quite a challenge. It was featured in one of the Humble Bundle For Android game bundles, and finally made its way to Android last year. If you want a totally retro game experience with a fresh modern twist, Bit.Trip Beat is the game for you. If you wish to check this game out, you can grab it from the Play Store for $0.99.

4. Beats, Advanced Rhythm Game This is basically your DDR for Android. You'll have to tap the arrows to the beat of the music, just like you would step on the arrows for Dance Dance Revolution. The game currently comes with 10 sample songs so you can get the basis of the game, but the fun doesn't stop there. You can download hundreds of free step files from the download songs menu, giving you tons more to play. If you crave some DDR action on the go, check out Beats, Advanced Rhythm Game. The game is free from the Play Store.

3. Demons Score THD Sadly this is a THD compatible game only, but despite that fact the game is amazing and lots of fun. Graphics are insanely awesome and the unique aspect of rhythm based combat in this original game from Square Enix is a fantastic little concept. In Demons Score you take on the role of Serenity who is your average college girl, but when she stumbles into the Salem State Hospital looking for her missing father, everything changes. Survive intense breakbeat action and slay demons all to the tune of awesome music. Defeat demon bosses at the end of each stage, and assume their powers for the next stage if you choose or stick with the powers you're currently using. The game is a pricy, but its one of the music games out there. You can grab Demons Score THD from the Play Store if you have a select supported device that runs a Tegra 3 CPU.

2. Tap Tap Revenge 4 Tap Tap Revenge 4 is probably the best Guitar Hero copy you'll find for Android. It has awesome graphics and best of all even more awesome music. Try to beat others and top the global leaderboards for the highest score. You can play any track in Arcade Mode, or battle others online. Tap Tap Revenge 4 has new music added every week, so you'll always have new tracks to play. Simply one of the best music rhythmic based games you can find. To download Tap Tap Revenge, hop on over to the Play Store where the game is free. You can play a certain amount of tracks at no cost, while some songs may cost you money via IAP.

1. Cytus In cytus humans no longer exist and Robots are the only beings left. You must help preserve human memories by transferring them to robots through music. The human emotions are converted to music, and transferred to be stored inside Cytus, a sort of hard drive. Each song you complete helps preserve some of these memories of a lost species. Cytus has a span of 94 songs in 198 different variations for you to complete. Each level has gorgeously crafted hand drawn art illustrations. Rhythmic based music games have never been easier to get acquainted with, learn how to play by following along the active scan line system and tap when the moment is right. Play to various music genres, like Jazz, Hardcore, and Drum and Bass. Cytus is free to download and play, and if you want to unlock the full game with all songs, you can purchase it for a small one time fee inside the game.

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