Tired of Reading? Get Your Device to do it For You with Chrome Reader

Were you a lucky child who was read to at night before bed? Or maybe you are a fan of our articles, but reading article after article is a bit straining on the eyes. Well as we're used to saying, there's an app for that. This app is called Chrome Reader, and the name pretty much explains it all, any page you have open in the Chrome browser could be read aloud to you.

The app comes from XDA, more specifically from "senior member," mety333. According to XDA, you need nothing but the app and obviously Google's Chrome Browser, but more on that later. Once downloaded, the app acts like a plug-in. You only have to switch it on, then go to Chrome and open a page, once you have a page, try one of our many articles, then highlight the words you want read aloud and select copy.

Done! Your Android device is now reading to you, and saving your eyes from the strain otherwise put on them by reading so much. Just incase you are tired of being read to, or maybe you don't have the time to finish the reading, there was a fail safe integrated into the app. All you have to do is shake your device and the reading will stop. A handy feature for those who just want the device to be quiet.

Currently, the app will not work with devices running Android 2.3 or lower, but according to the mety333, that is coming. As well as different browser compatibility, voice commands to stop, option to record the reading and "More creative options."

The app has an original version which is only available for XDA forums users, surely it will be released later to everyone. So if you are an XDA forum user, and you want to download the app asap, just go to the thread, and download. If you aren't there is a $0.99 version for you in the Play Store. Before you go and download it, tell us instead how often you think you would use this app. Does this app make you feel lazy or do you think it is just a welcomed option for you?

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