It's That Time of Year Again: Apple Seeks to Ban Obsolete Samsung Devices

Ladies and Gentlemen, they're at it again. The seemingly never ending Patent War between Samsung and Apple continues to rage right before the new year, and this time, Apple's got its sights on some of Samsung's older Android devices; specifically, twenty tablets and smartphones in total. Apple's original case for banning these devices were rejected the first time around when they won a suit against Samsung, but thanks to an Appellate Court's decision, Apple was given another chance to seek out bans. The more popular devices on the list are AT&T's Galaxy S II, and the original Galaxy Tab.

Samsung has stopped selling all of the banned devices, and haven't for quite a long time, but Apple doesn't think that's enough. Apple believes that a ban is still important to prevent Samsung from selling them again in the future. Frankly, I don't the likelihood of Samsung selling Galaxy S II's again are too high, but you never know. Apple doesn't have as tough of a case to prove this time around though - something that will undoubtedly work to their advantage. Apple will now only have to show that Samsung's use of a patent it infringed on led to some demand for a device, instead of having to prove that the infringed patent actually had an effect on products sold.

The good news, is that the average consumer will very likely not have to worry about this, since Samsung no longer sells the devices in question, and many consumers will be moving to upgrade those old devices pretty soon, if they haven't already. The band news is that - for better, or for worse - Samsung and Apple are going to go at it again, and the battle for supremacy over tech patents will not meet an end soon.

Do you think these trials are justified? Is Apple being a little paranoid, or does Samsung really represent a threat with these devices? Let us know in the comments!

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