Three UK Now Allows Free Roaming in the US of A

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As a Brit myself, I can safely say that our weather doesn't really work very well for holidays and as such, we often travel abroad to get some R&R. Of course, in this day and age being unconnected is simply unacceptable and with that comes potentially huge roaming bills. That is of course, unless you're on Three UK, in which case you can travel to some pretty far flung places around the globe and pay no extra to get online, make phone calls and send texts. This is part of the networks Feel at Home program and today, they're adding a few more countries to that already expansive list.

Customers on Three UK can now roam for absolutely nothing when visiting the United States, all calls, texts and data usage are taken out of your existing allowance for the month. The Feel at Home initiative has been running for some time now and while there's always strings attached, these are relatively manageable. For instance, sending texts to non-UK numbers will still cost you money outside of your allowance and tethering is a big no no. It's still better than nothing and it allows Brits to get online and such in places such as Italy, Sweden, Australia and now the US of A.

Some more countries have also been added to the list as well, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Macau are now safe for those looking to Instagram their food to send back home. This sort of thing is only going to become more prevalent, as users expect to be able to get online no matter where they are in the world. For those in the UK, Three UK is one of the good guys when it comes to International roaming and if you're not already on the network, and travel a fair bit now might be a good time as any to make the switch. For more information about Three's Feel at Home offer, take a look at their website.