The Moto X Cyber Monday Deal is Finally Live; Get Yours Unlocked from Moto Maker, Starting at $349



The Moto X has enjoyed a price drop steadily ever since it launched earlier in the year, and since launch the device has only gotten stronger. With the Moto Maker now available to all major carriers and a pretty sizable price-cut on contract, the Moto X has gotten more and more affordable, even in the face of the Moto G. If you were waiting for Motorola to get in on the Cyber Monday action that's been happening with phones from LG, HTC and Samsung well, now your wait is over. After technical difficulties on their site, Motorola has just pulled the trigger on their Cyber Monday deal, and it's available to all right now.


Unlike other deals though, this is for those that want their phones unlocked, for those that enjoy freedom. Motorola's deal on the Moto X brings the flagship device down to just $349.99 unlocked with 16GB of storage or $399.99 for 32GB of storage. That's not in the boring black or white options either, that pricing included whatever customizations you make to a basic Moto X, allowing you to create the smartphone of your (or theirs) dreams. If you were thinking about getting a customized device for someone this Christmas, now would be a pretty fantastic time to buy one.

The Moto X might be all about its customization options but, as we found out in our review some time ago, it's also one of the best Android devices out there. Proofing that a smartphone can still carry its own identity when running stock Android. Certainly, there is a dizzying amount of cases for our smartphones out there but, Motorola will create you your own device right here in the good ol' US of A. So, if your fed up of missing out on color options because you're on the "wrong" carrier (HTC, we're looking at you) then the Moto X is your ticket to your very own smartphone, that nobody else will have. What are you waiting for? Go get one.

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