Sony Z Ultra Google Play Edition Features Bug That Prevents Apps From Being Uninstalled



With the Sony Z Ultra and the LG G Pad 8.3 Google Play Editions, there are more options for those looking for stock Android with their devices, as well as unlockable bootloaders to generally tinker around. However, not all new phones are perfect and not all smartphones are immune to bugs. The Sony Z Ultra appears to be a device that's very much prone to issues. First of all, there was the bug that prevented uses accessing the Security menu, as found by JR Raphael of ComputerworldWhy is that an issue, you ask? Well, for one that prevents you from sideloading any apps and it also doesn't make the Z Ultra much of a development device as the default settings are fairly locked down.


That's one bug down, with one more to come. This one is even more troublesome and would affect even the most casual of Android users. As of right now, the Sony Z Ultra will not allow you to uninstall applications. When you go to uninstall something on the device and hit "OK" to get rid of the app, the UI restarts and you've given the Google boot theme for a few seconds before seeing the UI once again. It's not a full reset, as discovered by Android Central but, it's extremely annoying and it doesn't matter which method you take to uninstall an app or even what network connection you have, the Sony Z Ultra doesn't want you uninstalling apps.

Of course, this is only a bug and we're sure it'll be fixed in due course but, this is definitely one of the stranger bugs we've seen on Android in some time. It also doesn't look good for either Sony or Google. A new Google Play Edition of a hit device, to show off stock Android is hit with a pair of very frustrating software glitches. Hopefully, Google and Sony can get a fix out there pretty quickly. If you've recently bought a Sony Z Ultra – available from the Play Store – and you have this bug, then let us know in the comments below and on Google+!

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