Sony Xperia Z Ultra Gets Double Battery Life Thanks to Mugen Power’s Extended Battery Case

December 31, 2013 - Written By Syed Sofian Rabbani

With the increase in screen sizes, resolutions and processing power the battery pack on most smartphones lasts much less. Though the Sony Xperia Z Ultra already has a 3050 mAh battery pack, users have been complaining of the battery not lasting as much as they want it to – the 6.4 inch 1080p full-HD display on the Xperia Z Ultra takes much of the blame for these battery woes.

A solution to the battery woes of the Sony Xperia Z Ultra users comes from the guys at Mugen Power. For the uninitiated, Mugen Power is a leading brand name in the portable battery manufacturing industry, who manufactures high performance batteries for portable electronic devices, including mobile phones and tablets.

Mugen Power has announced the immediate release and availability of the new CC-6802 Mugen Power 4000 mAh Extended Battery Case for the Sony Xperia Z Ultra, which adds on to the existing non-removable 3050 mAh battery supplied with the device. The Extended Battery Case has been fitted with a 4000 mAh Lithium-Polymer (Li-Po) battery pack, which can used to fully charge the existing stock battery. Since the stock battery in the Xperia Z Ultra cannot be replaced by the user, an extended battery case is the perfect solution.

“Sony Xperia Z Ultra owners are often reported to complain about short battery life of the device. We worked hard on this project and managed to fit 4000 mAh capacity into that new battery case. Our solution gives customers added battery life to stay connected longer and make more with the smartphone than ever before,” says Nikolai Lebedovsky, CEO Mugen Power Batteries.


The Mugen Power case is designed to fit snugly onto the Xperia Z Ultra, however it adds to the bulk of an already large device. Apart from extending the battery life, the case also has other features which would be familiar to those who have used Mugen Power’s products earlier. The case has a built-in kick stand right in the center, which can be used to prop up the Sony Xperia Z Ultra on a flat surface for watching videos. The case also seems to have an inbuilt stylus which would work well with the Sony Xperia Z Ultra – the device is capable of converting any ballpoint pen, pencil or tip greater than 1 mm into a stylus.

The CC-6802 Mugen Power 4000 mAh Extended Battery Case is available on the Mugen Power website for $98.50 with free shipping worldwide. Are you getting yours? Let us know in the comments below.