Solar Powered Smartphones to Come from Samsung and Apple in 2014?

samsung blue earth 2009


These days, our smartphones are getting more and more powerful but, there’s very little that sets them apart. In the Android world, it seems to software features and “skins” like TouchWiz and Sense that set manufacturers apart. That’s mostly because the hardware inside of these devices are extremely similar, with Qualcomm shipping so many Snapdragon chips it’s no wonder the Galaxy S4 and HTC One share so much common DNA. Differences in hardware could become a lot more prevalent however, if a recent report from ZDNet Korea is to be believed. According to a new report, Apple may have gotten the leg up on Samsung when it comes to solar powering smartphones.

Apparently, Apple has managed to get their hands on, and perfect, the technology needed to charge a device using solar power. According to analysts and the like, Apple has been recruiting experts on the subject and they’ve even put in some patents for the technology (specifically Patent No. 7,868,582). So, it’d seem that Apple is looking to make another big splash in the mobile space. One thing though, can we say Apple using solar panels on their devices if they look unsightly? Not a chance after all, you’ve got to keep that money-making Apple logo front and center.

Meanwhile, Samsung has already produced a cell phone with the technology inside of it, the Blue Earth, pictured above was release in 2009 and was more of a proof-of-concept than anything else but, it did show that Samsung is capable of doing the whole solar power thing. Will 2014 be the year we see solar powered smartphones from Samsung and Apple? Probably not from Apple, they take their time adopting modern tech after all but, Samsung could well release a smartphone with the technology in it to test. Throughout 2013 we saw a Samsung that wasn’t afraid to try new things, such as the Galaxy S4 Active and the Galaxy S4 Zoom so, a solar powered smartphone from the Korean giant is certainly not impossible. 2014 is already shaping up to be an exciting year ahead so, what are you looking forward to most?