ShinobiControls for Android Brings GPU Accelerated Charts to the Table

Once upon a time mobile devices with touch screens were considered "toys" by many.  In fact Blackberry ran an ad campaign near the end of the company's popularity using the tagline "tools, not toys."  While this view of mobile devices may have once been true, most of us know better at this point.  Google and other OEMs have been working hard to get people to take Android more seriously when it comes to corporate usage, and we've seen the effects of these efforts with the release of Quick Office for free, Microsoft Office Mobile debuting on Google Play, and Samsung KNOX making things more secure to name a few.  So what about things like giving presentations about data sheets and the like?  What was once a boring process of going through slides and giving people a good excuse to take a mid-day nap in meetings has essentially been transformed by Android and other touch-based devices with the likes of software like ShinobiCharts from ShinobiControls.  ShinobiCharts is an Application Programming Interface, or API for short, that allows developers to build ShinobiControls' software into their own, giving them the power to generate visual information on data quicker and easier than before.

There's a number of reasons ShinobiCharts is a fantastic bit of software, but the first and foremost that the end-user will see is the incredibly fluid user interface.  ShinobiCharts allows you to plot hundreds of thousands of data points on a single chart, giving you the ability to make some amazing presentations that are also interactive.  When we're talking interactive, it's not just pick a different chart and slide it around the screen, no, ShinobiCharts has a full multi-touch interface that lets you pinch-to-zoom, pan and generally manipulate a chart in ways that would actually be fun and useful.  It's also fully GPU accelerated, meaning that those hundreds of thousands of data points will always feel smooth and fluid moving around the screen.  That takes the boring out of the meeting when you present data that makes sense and can be looked closely at by people who are truly interested.  As in any respectable charting tool, there's just about every kind of chart you can think of, from pie and donut charts to crosshair and selections.  Oh and did I mention this has a beautiful Holo-inspired interface?  Check out the video below to see it in action:

People love data these days, and that's why something like ShinobiCharts makes so much sense for a lot of companies out there.  One of the best parts here is that the API will work on phones and tablets, meaning that you can distribute your company's app with its data sets to everyone so that you can have more interactive and meaningful meetings and presentations.  It also comes with support for both ShinobiControls software and Xamarin integration, so you'll be able to develop cross platform in C# easily.  Right now ShinobiControls for Android is in an Early Bird Release, which means cheaper pricing than usual.  If you're a developer looking to integrate your data more easily and with more features than you'd probably like to try to build yourself, ShinobiControls for Android will give you the edge you've been looking for, and at a rather reasonable price too.

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