Sega Discounts Many Sonic Games for Holiday Promotion


Everyone loves app and game deals, right? And what better time to get some free and heavily discounted games than the holiday season? Well, Sega is sending everyone a little holiday gift today by discounting five of their extremely popular Sonic the Hedgehog games. The games are on sale from today through January 1.

Not all of the sale prices seem to be live yet, but keep checking. The discounts should appear sometime today. The games going on sale are:

These are all fun and well reviewed games, so now you can get all of them for less than 4 dollars. Some of these, especially Sonic CD, will be very nostalgic for anyone who grew up with old Sega game systems. The newer Sonic the Hedgehog 4 picks up where the older Sonic and Knuckles left off, so any Sonic fans will appreciate the continuation of gameplay story.

If you’ve been using the Google Opinion app, you probably have a few dollars of Play Store credit burning a hole in your pocket by now. What better way to spend it than on some high quality Sonic games? Or if you’re planning on gifting an Android device to anyone over the holidays, you could also toss in a $5 Play Store gift card so your family member or friend could load up their new phone or tablet with Sonic games.

The deals are good through January 1st, so maybe you’d prefer to wait and see if you find your own Google Play gift card in your stocking this year. No matter how you decide to pay for it, these are some really good deals with discounts up to 80% off the regular price for some of these games.

So what are you waiting for? Go get downloading, and enjoy your holiday time off with some great games.