Sapphire Possibly Coming to HTC and LG 2014 Flagship Fingerprint Scanners


Some smartphones trends just make sense, and get picked up by multiple manufacturers. This is the case when it comes to the materials used in the making of the fingerprint scanner. The first device to use the scanner was the iPhone 5s, and they used sapphire due to the high scratch resistance of the material. Now rumor is that LG and HTC both will follow in those footsteps for fingerprint scanners on 2014 flagship devices.

The fingerprint scanner is yet another feature that many people have privacy concerns over, but that's not keeping rumors of the feature being a 2014 staple. In 2013, Apple introduced the fingerprint scanner on the iPhone 5s, and then HTC modified the scanner on the HTC One Max. HTC placed the scanner on the back of the Max, and asked you to swipe your finger instead of just placing it on the scanner. They also allowed for you to use different fingers to open different apps. Though an issue that really hasn't picked up much traction, is scratches on the scanner. This could be because not many people are having this issue, or it could be because everyone is more concerned with privacy issues. Apple had this possible issue in mind when they developed their fingerprint scanner, using sapphire to make sure scratches weren't going to be a problem.


One rumor that hasn't gone away yet, is the fingerprint scanner making an appearance on many devices in 2014. Instead, the rumor has grown and become more of an expectation rather than a possibility. HTC has the HTC M8 coming, or the HTC One 2 in 2014, and they will possibly be using sapphire to build their next scanner. According to "industry sources" that Digitimes has, LG will also be using sapphire for a fingerprint scanner on their 2014 flagship, the LG G3. Both LG and HTC are expected to show off these flagship devices early 2014. Possibly MWC 2014 or even earlier than that at CES 2014, both of which will tote many surprises.

Have you used a device with the fingerprint scanner? what are your thoughts on this feature? If not, are you excited to get your hands on a device with the feature? No matter how the scanner is built, and what materials are used, we still can have fun times talking about privacy issues or how there is no privacy issues.

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